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Towing with an electric car has been great so far, had our Kia Ev6 since December 2021.We have done a few trips now and had no issues on charge only twice had to uncouple the caravan. Would highly recommend.

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As we're planning on living in our caravan, we would be very much be interested in towing with an EV to fully reduce our carbon foot print. Need to wait for a few more pennies first though.

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Hi Andrew,

I have Tesla model Y and just got an Eldiss 550. I’ve been dirbding EVs for over five years but this will be my first experience electric touring.

We live near Leeds. First trip out planned for next week.

Keen to learn and share as we go along.

I’m carer for my wife and we have three dogs so it will be a busy little van on tour.

All the best,


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We have just taken delivery of our new Polestar which we would have loved to have used as our towing car but we have a Bailey Unicorn, two boys and all that comes with them so will be interested to follow the developments over the coming years to enable larger outfits to be towed more efficiently. We will also enjoy your honest look at the market through your videos & blogs. Dispelling myths no doubt about EVs & towing! Thanks for your content.

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